Uniform Guidelines - updated April 8, 2010

All Cambridge students will be expected to follow the school uniform policy. We are encouraging parents and students to participate in the uniform program as studies have shown that a school wide uniform policy helps support a more positive and productive learning environment for all students. Financial assistance for those who meet criteria is available in the Health Office. There are free dress days on the last Friday of each month and on pictures days. Students may also dress in “theme” on our Spirit Assembly days. In addition, the “Monthly Free Dress” passes are in the first day Uniform Packet to be used during the school year on a day when your child does not have a uniform available.

Consequences: Students who fail to follow the dress code are subject to receiving a uniform citation and parents may be called to school to bring a uniform for their child to wear. Repeated violations may result in a citation being issued.

TOPS: Sleeved red polo or t-shirt, buttoned down or turtle neck shirts, with no decoration, cambridge red logo t-shirts. Shirts must be long enough to tuck in (no crop tops). Only red shirts are allowed.

BOTTOMS: ALL BOTTOMS MUST BE NAVY, navy sweat pants, corduroy. Navy jeans without decoration. Neat; no holes. All must be size/length appropriate-NO baggy style. Pants/shorts must be worn and fit at waistline and the crotch fit appropriately. Shorts must not be above mid-thigh and must not be longer than fingertips when extended down the leg. Navy bike shorts should be worn beneath skirts.
Boys: Pants, shorts
Girls: Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers

SHOES: Plain laces, flat, closed toed and rubber soled. NO PLATFORMS or SANDALS. No boots unless it is raining.

SOCKS (or tights): Must be worn with all shoes.

BELTS: Solid, plain, black; navy
Belts are preferred and must be worn with pants and shorts that do not fit exactly at the waist

SWEATERS/SWEATSHIRTS/JACKETS: Solid color, plain, uniform colors encouraged (No logos i.e. sports teams, cartoon characters); size appropriate. Hoods only with teacher permission, weather permitting.

ALOHA FRIDAY: Each Friday students are permitted to wear any aloha/Hawaiian shirt of their choice, must be tasteful and school appropriate.

FREE DRESS: The last Friday of each month is a free dress day. Picture day is a free dress day. All free dress days must be in accordance with the District’s Dress Code Policy (see Uniform Packet).

HAIR: Hair designs which cause undue attention, distraction from the educational environment as determined by the administration, are not allowed. This includes hair color that is unnatural. Bandanas are not allowed. Hair bands are allowed and must be plain color.

JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES: Jewelry that is considered dangerous may not be worn. No loop earrings, necklaces or bracelets are allowed. No chain belts, studded belts or wallet chains. No make-up or perfume. Nail polish; clear only. No tatoos; no suspenders and no charity bracelets.