School Year Begins August 20

First Day
We are so excited for the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year beginning Wednesday, August 20! You should have received a postcard in the mail with your child's teacher and classroom listed. All students should line up by classroom on the playground blacktop prior to 8 am on Wednesday morning.

Please note that since the first day is a Wednesday, it is also a teacher collaboration day with early student dismissal. Grades k-3 will be dismissed at 12:10 (this was incorrectly listed as 2:10 on the blue postcard), and grades 4-6 will be dismissed at 12:15.

Meet and Greet
On Tuesday August 19 there will be a meet and greet from 8am to 9am and a kindergarten Orientation from 9:30-10:30.

The Camridge Uniform Policy and Dress Code can be found at the bottom of this post.

Cambridge Elementary Student and Parent Handbook

School Supplies
A suggested school supply list is available by clicking on the link below.

School Supply List
Lista de útiles escolares en español

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe school year!

All Cambridge students will be expected to follow the school uniform policy.  We are encouraging parents and students to participate in the uniform program as studies have shown that a school wide uniform policy helps support a more positive and productive learning environment for all students. Financial assistance for those who meet criteria is available in the Health Office.  
There are free dress days on the last Friday of each month and on pictures days.  Students may also dress in “theme” on our Spirit Assembly days.  In addition, the “Monthly Free Dress” passes are in the first day Uniform Packet to be used during the school year on a day when your child does not have a uniform available.

TOPS: Sleeved red polo or t-shirt, buttoned down or turtle neck shirts, WITH NO DECORATION, Cambridge                Red logo T-shirts.  Shirts must be long enough to tuck in (no crop tops)ONLY RED SHIRTS ARE                     ALLOWED. 

BOTTOMS: ALL BOTTOMS MUST BE NAVY, navy sweat pants, corduroy. Navy jeans without decoration.  
                    Neat; no holes; no cut off or unfinished bottom hems
Boys: Pants, shorts                      Girls: Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers
All must be size/length appropriate-NO baggy style
Pants/shorts must be worn and fit at waistline and the crotch 
Shorts must not be above mid-thigh.  Must be longer than fingertips when extended down leg
Navy bike shorts should be worn beneath skirts.

SHOES: Plain laces, flat, closed toed and rubber soled.  NO PLATFORMS or SANDALS.  For safety purposes, No boots unless it is raining (including Ugg style or cowboy boots).

SOCKS (or tights):  Must be worn with all shoes

BELTS: Solid, plain, black; navy
Belts are preferred and must be worn with pants, shorts that do not fit exactly at the waist

 SWEATERS/SWEATSHIRTS/JACKETS: Solid color, plain, uniform colors encouraged (No logos i.e. sports
teams, cartoon characters); size appropriate.  Hoods worn only with teacher permission, weather permitting

              ALOHA FRIDAY: Each Friday students are permitted to wear any aloha/Hawaiian                                            shirt of their choice.  Must be tasteful and school appropriate. 

FREE DRESS: Last Friday of each month is a free dress day.  Picture day is a free dress day.  All free dress days must be in accordance with the District’s Dress Code Policy 

HAIR: Hair designs which cause undue attention, distraction from the educational environment as determined by the administration, are not allowed.  This includes hair color that is unnatural. Bandanas are not allowed but hair bands are allowed and must be plain color.

      HATS :  Hats are not allowed except on specifically designated hat days (i.e. Spirit Days) or extremely hot weather for protection from the sun. Hats must be plain or with a C for Cambridge.  In cold weather, plain stocking type warm hats may be worn. 

JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES: Jewelry that is considered a safety risk may not be worn.  No hoop or dangling earrings or large dangling bracelets. No chain belts, studded belts or wallet chains.  No make-up, perfume/cologne (allergies) or fake nails.  No tattoos or suspenders.  Anything that is distracting to the class learning environment may be excluded at the teacher’s discretion. Sunglass only allowed on very sunny days (prescription glasses allowed at any time.) 
Uniforms\uniform policy

Free Dress Days
Cambridge Elementary
Dress Code Policy

Students are prohibited from wearing any clothing which is disruptive to the instructional process and/or considered unsafe, dangerous, and divisive or a health hazard.  Also prohibited are clothes which contain offensive or obscene symbols (depicting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, vulgar language, violence, vandalism, or sexual activity) signs, slogans or words degrading any gender, cultural religious or ethnic values.  Clothing or accessories considered to have group or gang identification symbols as determined by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the Orange and Anaheim Police Departments are also not allowed.

HAIR           Hair designs which cause undue attention, distracting from the educational environment as determined by the administration, are not allowed
HATS            Hats are not allowed except on specifically designated hat days (i.e. Spirit Days) or extremely hot weather for protection from the sun. Hats must be plain or a C for Cambridge.  In cold weather, plain stocking type warm hats may be worn.

          No oversized shirts; all shirts must be size appropriate.  Shirts or tops which are too tight, revealing, or which allow underclothing to show are not allowed.  Open mesh shirts, tank tops, or spaghetti straps are not to be worn.  Strapless, sleeveless dresses, low cut necklines, bare shoulders or midriffs, backless or tube blouses, and see-through clothing are prohibited

BELTS    Belt buckles must be plain with no initials on them.  Belts will be of appropriate length for student waist size and the belt must be kept in the belt loops

          No loose fitting or baggy shorts, trousers, or overalls.  Pants and shorts must be of an appropriate size and length (within one size of student’s actual waist and inseam measurement).  Pants and shorts must be worn at the waistline.  Pants whose style has enlarged legs are not allowed.  Pants and shorts must be hemmed (not frayed or slit at the seams) and may not have any holes or tears. Pants or skirts which are too tight, revealing or which allow underclothing to show are not allowed. All skirts, shorts and dresses must be at least mid-thigh length.

SHOES Students will wear athletic shoes or low cut leather shoes with heels and toes.  Socks are required. Boots are not allowed unless it is raining.  No sandals or platform-type shoes or sandals are allowed.

          Jewelry that is considered dangerous may not be worn (hoop or dangling earrings, necklaces, large dangling bracelets, etc).  No chain belts, studded belts or wallet chains.  Make-up is not allowed.

          Cold weather jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts may be worn       

Please label clothes with your child’s first and last name

 Poliza Uniformes

Se esperará que todos los estudiantes de Cambridge sigan la política del uniforme de la escuela. Estamos animando a padres y a estudiantes que participen en el programa de uniforme. Estudios han demostrado que una política escolar de uniforme ayuda en soportar un ambiente de aprendizaje más positivo y más productivo para todos los estudiantes. Hay ayuda financiera está disponible en la Oficina de Salud para los que califican. Hay días libres de vestuario el último viernes de cada mes y días de fotos. Estudiantes también pueden venir vestidos con el tema del día en los días de Asambleas. Además, los pases de “Vestuario Libre” están en el Paquete de Uniforme del primer día que pueden usar durante el año escolar en un día cuando su niño no tiene un uniforme disponible. 

CAMISAS: Camisa Roja de cuello, con manga estilo polo, con botones o camisa con cuello de tortuga, camisetas rojas pero Sin Ninguna Decoración, con el logo de Cambridge. Las camisas deben ser suficientemente largas para fajarseSOLAMENTE SE PERMITEN CAMISAS ROJAS

PANTALONES: Todos los fondos deben de ser azul marino, azul marino pantalones de sudadera y de pana. Pantalones de azul marino sin decoración.
                          Tienen que estar limpios y sin hoyoso;  No corte a la mitad o pantalones que no tengan la bastilla terminada. 
Niños: Pantalones, chores  
   Niñas: pantalones, chors, faldas, falda-chor, vestido, overoles tipo uniforme 
Todo debe de ser apropiada de tamaño – NINGUNA ropa estilo floja 
Pantalones/short  apropiadamente
Chors no deben de caber más abajo de la rodilla y ni más alto de media pierna. 
Chors de color azul marino deben ser puestas debajo de faldas 

ZAPATOS: Cordones sencillos, planos, punta de pie cerrada y la suela de zapato de goma. NO SE PERMITEN TACONES NI SANDALIAS. No botas solamente si esta lloviendo.  
Niños/ Niñas: Calcetín debe de ser visible sobre el zapato
Niñas: También pueden usar medias blancas
CINTURONES: Sólido, sencillo, negro; azul marino 
Cinturones son preferidos y deben de ser puestos con pantalones y chors que no caben exactamente en la cintura
 SUÉTER/ CHAQUETA/SUDADERA: Color sólido, Sencilla, se sugieren los colores del uniforme, (Por favor no logos o imágenes como equipos de deportes o de caricaturas) tamaño apropiado .Los gorros serán
                                                     permitidos con el permiso de la maestra, gorros  permitidos  

                  ALOHA VIERNES:                    Cada viernes se les permiten a los estudiantes que se pongan cuál quiera camisa 
                                                                                Hawaiana pero tiene que ser apropiado para la escuela. Camisas Hawaianas

                   VISTUARIO LIBRE: Cada último viernes del mes es día de vestuario libre. Día de fotografía también es día
                                                            de vestuario libre. Todos los días de vestuario libre deben de venir a la escuela vestidos 
                                                            en ropa apropiada con la Política de el Codico de Uniforme del Destrito 
PELO: No se permiten diseños de pelo que causa atención indebida, distracción del  ambiente educativo como determinado por la administración. Esto incluye color de pelo que no es natural. No se permiten pañuelos a la escuela. 

JOYERIA: Joyería que se considera un riesgo de  seguridad no se permite: No aretes redondas, o aretes colgantes son permitidos No se permiten cinturones de cadena o carteras con cadena.   No se permite maquillaje No se permite perfume/ colon (esto puede causar alergias) .No se permiten tatuajes; tirantes de pantalón. Cualquier cosa que es distraer a la clase de medio ambiente de aprendizaje puede ser excluida a discreción del Maestro.